Shrifan Clinic
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About shrifan clinic

A House of Mercy

After the passage of patriarch Sher and matriarch Shrifan, the Khan family converted their home in Lahore, Pakistan into a free clinic for women and children. The clinic was named after their mother.

When the family moved to Model Town in 1947 during the partition, Sher Khan had a plaque engraved at the front door that read “Baat-ul-Rahim”, which translates to “House of Mercy” (picture). This home has been a House of Mercy ever since.

The Early Years

The oldest son of Sher and Shrifan, Dr. Mohammed Khan, began as the first physician in 1977. He provided his services free of charge for the first three years. From 1980-Present, only female physicians have worked at Shrifan Clinic to accommodate cultural sensitivities for the women and children we treat.

In its infancy, clinic services were offered only 3 mornings a week and treated ~10 patients a day due to limited resources.  In 1995, our hours expanded to 5 days a week and in 1998, the clinic began providing basic medication.


Shrifan Clinic now sees and treats over 50 patients per day. We are committed to providing free healthcare to under-privileged women and children in Pakistan.